Inland of Sardinia

The inland is equally unspoilt and unexpectedly vast and fascinating. A landscape with mountains, plains, forests, lakes, ponds and many caves showing their hidden treasures.
The Sardinian climate is typically Mediterranean with hot summers from May to September, warm autumns with very little risk of unexpected rains and short, mild winters.
Sardinia offers an original cuisine, with a combination of dishes prepared according to shepherds and fishermen traditions. Typical meat dishes are roast lamb, kid and suckling pig, called “porcetto” and cooked long and slowly over a fire of holm-oak, lentisk and arbutus. A taste absolutely unforgettable. And the
same happens for simple and genuine fish dishes: lobster, mussels and clams, roasted fishes. Furthermore, several kinds of bread, cheese, sweets and wines.
Sardinian handicrafts are certainly one of the most characteristic elements of the island. Weaving and embroidery produce bed covers, carpets, tapestries with a notable richness in design and variety of colours. The art of basket making is very particular, with various forms and materials, like reeds, raffia, asphodel plant. The production of jewellery is another fascinating type of artisan work. Sardinian wedding rings and coral jewels are famous all over the world. There is another product that is part of the traditional metal work of the island: clasp knives
Cagliari, Poetto beach
Cagliari, Sella del Diavolo
Cagliari, Sella del Diavolo
Cagliari, Cala Fighera

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